NW Regatta

Sunday is the last day of this incredible event being held on Lake Waconia, just 25 minutes West of Minneapolis. Spectators welcome.
Look at how our own MN racers of Jim McDonagh, Pat Heppert, John Dennis and Mike Bloom are kicking ass!

NW and DN NA’s coming to Lake Waconia

Must be the best ice in North America!

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2024 DN North American Championship Called ON for Waconia, MN

Deb Whitehorse
February 20

We are pleased to announce the primary site for the upcoming DN North American Championship ahead of schedule.

The primary site for the championship will be Lake Waconia in Waconia, MN, and we will continue to scout ice in Minnesota for backup sites.

Minnetonka is fine!

Lake Minnetonka froze weird but seems to be good. It's kinda freaky the way it froze. There are folks sailing out of Wayzata sailing school and the Minnetonka Yacht Club island.

So much ice out there, it's pretty amazing.

All the big boat regattas got postponed till after the next freeze.

Northwest Regatta called on for Waconia!! along with ISA and WSSA!!

2 Feb 2024 9:00 am
28 Feb 2024 5:00 pm

Lake Waconia, could become the Iceboat Capitol of the World Feb 2nd, 2024

It's Friday, Saturday, Sunday (unless its the ISA and then they start on Thursday?)

Northwest Regatta preempts both the ISA Championship and the Wisconsin Stern Steering Regatta! All three are called on for Waconia!

Final Call on Wednesday.

Follow https://iceboat.org for up to date information

This is going to be pretty amazing to have the Northwest with all the different boats from Stern Steerers to Skeeters to DN's (and everything inbetween!)

This is the farthest North West the Northwest Regatta has been to my knowledge.

Here is what a day on the Lake Waconia was like this last weekend, with less than 6kts breeze and 32Deg Fahrenheit.

Enjoy the the musical styling of The Pixies while you check the ice.

western regional regatta

called on for jan 6 and 7. final site selection by 3pm thursday. the two sites being consider by eagle river wis or lake osakis mn. meyer. 5” drifts and no wind sat in phelps wis. jeff mimi dave g. erin sam and dad plus miller meyer (bloom was sailing in china and rob was smart and doyle somewhere water sailing) from here drove there (total 42 boats) and back while osakis was good sat with 1” snow and 12 mph. oh well. nice area to visit. so reg postponed till 1/13. but weather outlook not promising for ice but stay tuned.

new yrs sailing primary site lake buffalo

Epic sailing on buffalo wed thru sat couple new shows mathew kickhafer and chicago meyer showed up sat to replace a couple un named leakers. jimmy liked it so much he sailed all night. getting colder thursday night so hopefully the ice is ready sat but maybe not till sun as colder sat night. after Xmass rains will need to be scouted!! may need back up plan for up north for sun/mon sailing. meyer. tuesday: buffalo water. so up nord somewhere? if buffalo re freezes wed/thurs night maybe thick enough by mon? or as cold mon night sail it tue to get reg on it?

Twilight Solstice Sail

First time I ever felt comfortable taking a twilight Christmas Lights tour of Buffalo on Solstice!

sailing sat sun 12/9. now wednesday 12/13. next up tue 12/19? wed. lake buffalo!!!

silver has 3.5” ice but 50 deg wed thurs fri. being checked fri am but prob iffy. so ashby seems the call right now for sat. mike bloom plus others. i plan on staying sat and also sailing sunday. meyer. wed am: ashby looking too windy on sat for DNs. maybe perfect for mini skeeters regatta or nites. hoping silver an option especially sun after a cold sat night. pat heppert reports sun am silver has spots only 1”. ashby didnt get sat snow so pat going there. miller and meyer plan on sailing silver wed or by his house west arm which is also frozen over. plenty of ice by wed.

DN Western Challenge

DN Western Challenge: December 1 -3, 2023
Attention all DN sailors: The Western Challenge is tentatively called on and is scheduled for the first weekend in December, on the best ice in Minnesota.
It's time to get the whole gang back together, everyone is welcome.
The exact location will be announced as we get closer to the event. No promises, but our goal is a repeat of last year’s epic ice.

Minnesota Iceboaters Facebook group page.

Look at our facebook page for the most up to date things going on.
Regatta's, sailing, ice reports, etc....
this site isn't getting much use anymore.

Minnesota Iceboaters facebook page will have the latest and greatest info.

sailing in lake city

im in fla/tx. but those that dont use facebook. lake city has ice many going there sun including madtown sailirs. wish i was there

NW Canadian Nationals Sunday Monday at Silver Harbour

Scrub racing today,miles of ice.Launch site is Silver Harbour Thunder Bay

worlds north americans

i’m back!! meyer. cudos to mike bloom. tip over sam and erin also did well. its their job to recruit some new young summer sailors into iceboating and get some of that unused stuff out of the barn!! reply if have a program for sail. time to up our game/promotion here!!!!!

sailing sat sun mon update ice check harrys at noon. racing at 2

clear ice wayzata to tonka bay including main lake. appears smooth enough. need to check for shell ice and thickness. not scouted yet. put on tonka bay beach or harrys in cottage wood. update. sat11am. some slight shell ice. so no go sat. should be ready sun. so ice check at harrys at noon. races at 2. also pos sailing on mon. meyer

sailing sat

meyer dave k kennedy and rob purring on at wayzata beach and sailing there. not scouted yet so be careful. reported 5” ice. 1/2” snow. light wind. more today than sun

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