Western Region Champs- Team Tonka Dominates

The Tonka boys did well this past weekend in Madison. JD was 2nd. Doctor tied for 3rd but finished fourth when he lost a tie breaker to Chicago's Chris Berger. Rob was 5th. Mike 6th. Solum 9th. That's 5 Tonka boats in the top 10! Steve Orlebeke of the Pewaukee Ice Sailing Squadron (Team Piss) took top honors. Despite the bitter cold it was a great regatta sailed on hard fast ice. Western Region Commodore Dan Hearn and his crew of volunteers deserves high praise for their hard work. See you at the North American Championships. Until then, THINK ICE!

Western Region DN Championship called ON for Lake Mendota

I hope all of Mn is on the road to this grade 9 ice. If not pack up and hit the road at 4AM Sat.
You won’t be disappointed!

sailing minn sun

checked ice some 1” drifts. somewhat marginal for dn but ok for nites etc. forecast for sun temp and wind favorable. meyer. ps. dn still hoping to be in madison for west reg

Spicer MN- Green lake

We sailed the Western Region Championship regatta on Minnesota’s Green Lake in Spicer, MN., back in 2012. For that one weekend in January the sleepy town of Spicer was abuzz with excitement as “those crazy ice boaters were racing around the lake at freeway speeds.”

UPDATE- DN Western Regional Championship January 13-14, 2018

To paraphrase Yogi Berra; " It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future!"

The current storm heading our way is definitely a concern. Will it be rain or snow or miss us altogether. Who knows?!!! Western Region Commodore Dan Hearn said today that we need to wait until Thursday, and maybe even Friday noon, before he is able to make a regatta decision. Stay tuned and keep an eye on DN North America (http://na.idniyra.org/) for details!

Think Ice!

DN Western Regional Championship January 13-14, 2018

This could be the weekend for the DN Western Regional Championship regatta. We all know it has been colder than snot so ice thickness should not be an issue. Regatta organizers are watching the weather and will should make a preliminary call late Wednesday. Keep an eye on DN North America (http://na.idniyra.org/) for details.

Think Ice.

Sunday Iceboating Video

Here's the video, pretty tough conditions today, but had a blast!!!!! Ice was awesome, snow was super sticky. I made the mistake of bringing my short runners, and there were way more 3" drifts than I thought. The new high wind blade sail was perfect to keep it safe today.

Styrofoam Sunday - Minnetonka main lake

(click for picture and more) I went ice skating this morning (-5F) on Lake Minnetonka from Minnetonka Yacht club. As you already know, the snow is about like Styrofoam, but in the sailing area of the main lake the snow covered areas were generally less than 0.75" with very occasionally up to 1.5", and I was able to skate through most of it with some effort. I don't see any reason why this plate isn't sailable, especially with warmer temp tomorrow. I plan on setting up the Skeeter on Sunday 1/7/18. Should be a good day, so come out and play.

sailing sun main lake

miller and i found 1.5” drifts wed. wind and temp up for sun. might be boatable. anyone up for it. sail out of? harrys. behind light house island. tonka nay. meyer

Western Region Champs POSTPONED

...something about frigid temps, styrofoam drifts, light air and, oh yeah, Meyer!

Green Lake or Lake Geneva could easily freeze. It could be called on for Jan 13 and 14. Check back next Wednesday. Keep an eye on DN North America (http://na.idniyra.org/) for details. They typically update the site on Wednesdays.

Think Ice.

sailing mon tue wed west end green lake

since west postponed. if. if green lake west end freezes tonight? + and quite cold. sail there mon tue wed before snow? thurs. then regatta? whos in. looking for someone retired or iceboat flu. to travel with. tom meyer

DN Westerns under a 24 hour postponement

Daniel Hearn, Area Commodore DN Western Region
Dear Ice Sailors:

Western Region Championship Regatta - January 6-7, 2018

Are your runners sharp?

The smart money says we will sail the DN Western Regional Championship regatta this coming weekend, January 6-7, 2018. Several sites are being considered, including Minnetonka. Keep an eye on DN North America (http://na.idniyra.org/) for details. Think Ice.

4LIYC Fun Regatta Cancelled

The 4 Lakes IYC's Grand Slam Fun-Regatta scheduled for December 30-31, 2017, has been called OFF due to "frostbite inducing temperatures."

What's Worse? Negative 41 Degrees or 58.5 inches of Snow!

The actual air temp this morning in Cotton Minnesota was a negative 41 degrees. International Falls, the nation's ice box, was a mere negative 36. Minnetonka was a balmy negative 4.
But, to quote the old adage, it's not the heat its the humidity. Erie Pennsylvania received a total of 34 inches of snow on Christmas Day shattering the city's previous single day snowfall record. Erie then picked up another 24.5 inches of snow on Tuesday, bringing the two-day tally to a record breaking 58.5 inches.

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