The end of a good ride...

The end of a good ride... Four DNs and an Iceflyer spent a great afternoon on Riley Lake, the day before a season ending snowfall is due. Three DN's and the Iceflyer made it back intact. This DN blew up when sheeted hard on smooth ice. Evidence of a poorly constructed bow? I've repaired shear failures in the sideboards of this boat before, but I think this is the end.


Riley Lake?

Did this happen on Lake Riley, Eden Prairie, MN? Was this your boat?

WOW - I have an old boat

WOW - I have an old boat that I have fixed the side boards on I sure this doesn't happen to my bow.

Old boat on Lake Riley

Yes, this is the Riley Lake ( or Lake Riley) in Eden Praire. We have a pretty nice fleet of DN's that are closely matched on plate runners and aluminum masts. (One less now) Plus two Nites, an Arrow, an Ice Flyer and a home made pipe frame job. Lot's of racing with the DN's!

That boat was one I bought in Michigan a few years ago. It had one repaired side board when I got it, and I've repaired two more splits since. I don't think the boards are very strong. They aresoft wood and may be cedar. I don't think that this failure was due to the side board strength, but probably the construction of the nose block. I didn't know it until now, but there really wasn't any solid wood in the nose, just some blocking like bulkheads between the side boards. I need to refer to the plans to see if this is recommended design, but it doesn't seem adequate. I was sheeted in hard to weather in 15kts, and the boat just exploded! The blocking failed and the forestay plate wedged between the sideboards, obliterating everything in its path. I was pretty surprised, but coasted to a stop in about 100 yards. I've got another DN and a Nite to play with, but also have about 8 inches of new snow in the way.

John Bushey

John Bushey

Looks repairable to me. In

Looks repairable to me. In fact I've done a similar repair on mine.

You're probably right.

I guess it was more frustration talking. Strip off the damaged top and bottom skins. Use jd's vacuum WEST split repair on the side board, make a new nose block and internals and re skin.
Now that we are buried in snow, the shop time seems pretty reasonable. How did yours fail???

John Bushey

John Bushey

Port-Starbord colision

Port-Starbord colision during a race. I tee-boned a guy right on his port blade. I was on port tack and didn't even see him. Luckly He had zero damage. Mine was an end of season crash so I didn't miss any sailing.