Ice Wisdom to Live By…

Reprinted from the NEIYC web site:

As we await news of Zamboni action, here is something to think about.

DO NOT BE THE FFF GUY. DO NOT be that guy!!!

What is FFF? Well it is not a racing term; it should be avoided by all. It relates to new ice, and it has three parts:

1. Do not be FIRST- Yes someone has to be first to sail the new area, but do not do it alone. Sail the
new ice with a buddy (remember never sail alone) scouting together. At least insure there is another boat ready to go, rapid transit to come help you if need be, and someone is watching you out there.

2. Do not be FAST- Being fast comes later, sail new areas in slow scouting mode, up in the boat scanning the ice horizon. Watch the tell tales later, slow cross sail, expanding the area scouted.

3. Do not go FAR- Do not sail off into the distance, to the other side of the lake. Long commute to come help you if you are the first to find the holes. See # 2 again. High Risk if you rush off alone, in fast mode, off into the distance, being the first to sail the new area.

The three together spell trouble.

DO NOT be that guy!

Yours truly

Old Frosty

(Old Frosty is not a real person, but a combination of old thinkers, grumpy old and young men and the usual suspects seen on and about the ice)

P.S. In other words let’s be safe so we can all enjoy some fun together.