Ice update

Green Lake at Spicer report at 5pm Wed per Paul Larson:
The rain sunday really helped the ice..... looks nice and smooth....won't know for sure until I get out on it of course.....a bit of snow here and there - just hope we don't get more and or it blows off. 2 ice houses (1 canvas sided and 1 hard) and a 4 wheeler out from the County Park on the NE side after work today. Reports are 2 to 5 inches of ice. I'm hopeful. more later. Paul

Mike Bloom reports:
No new snow at Ashby and Lake Geneva has open water on east end.
I should have a Pepin report Friday.

Main Lake on Tonka is 75% froze with an inch of new snow. Many large open spots. The wind tonight and Thursday may reopen it!!

Need ice reports to do ice checks on Sat/Sun for next weekends Great Western Challenge.