Christina was Awesome!

A total of 8 boats sailed Lake Christina today and judging by all the end of the day smiles the trip north was worth it. We all sailed last week either on Christina or Swede lake so the first time jitters were long gone. The focus today was racing.

We sailed numerous 2 lap scrub races in light to med winds on a huge race course that some estimate to be nearly two miles long. Not surprising, JD and the Doctor ruled the day. The rest of us just tried to finish in the same time zone as the leaders.

We had sailors of all abilities on the course and it was clear today's practice paid off. Everyone learned something new and by the end of the day everyone seemed to have upped their game.

My favorite moment occurred off the race course just as Hutt and I were about to leave. We took one last look out over the ice just in time to see US 5214 fly a runner for what seemed like forever as he sailed by Mile Marker 8 and all the boats in the pits. What a great way to end the day!

As the pressure mounts to sail lakes closer to Mpls please keep in mind that most of the local lakes just froze and the ice is not safe. We have made very little ice due to the warm weather. Tomorrows rain will only make things worse. Twin city area lakes are not safe.

Check the ice before you sail and never sail alone.

Until next time, THINK ICE!